How A Sales Video Works

Video ProducersA sales video is designed to motivate prospective customers to buy a product of a service. There is an entire population now that looks forward to and embraces the promotion of products and ideas by this means. This is a growing and emerging method by which companies can no longer be complacent in regards to video marketing, but it has come to the place where they must become involved, or they will lose a good share of their natural market.

Sales videos must be well prepared and get to the point. The production must have an engaging, if not provacative title in order to cause the view to want to see the video to find out what happens. The content of the video must be engaging and not be boring or long winded.

The video should be a showcase for your product. Don’t be shy about pointing out all of the attributes that your product or service has to offer, and be sure to do that in a dramatic way. You need to remember that a little overkill here will pay you dividends, because you are giving people a reason to buy today.

Some of the best examples of this type of selling by videos are the spots that come on TV promoting the new cleaner, or the 50 garden foot hose that fits in the glove compartment of your car. You have seen these ads, where the appeal is so well done, you find yourself trying to come up with a need that you might have just so you can buy the product just to have it. The ad that shows the product that you can paint on anything and it provides a permanent seal comes to mind, and the pitchman saws out portions from the bottom of a boat, then paints the “holes”, then puts the boat in the water after the substance dries, and hops in.

video marketingNotice the closing portion of the add, as they give the price, and then say, “Wait! There’s more – order today and you will receive a year’s extra supply, at no additional cost!” What an incentive to buy. These types of ads seem way over the top, but they are highly effective in bringing in the sales.

Your sales video doesn’t have to be that hard hitting, but maybe just a little short of that. What the pitchman is doing is creating, or re-creating desire for the product. You probably have an advantage because the people who you are marketing to have a known problem, that you already know about, so you vividly show how your product solves their problem.

There are certain things that can only be explained by a video. Watching a process take place can be the ‘ah ha’ moment for many people because they actually ‘see’ the result of their problem being solved. “How to” videos are great examples of this, and will help to sell millions of dollars of products that require some expertise to use, and by the prospective buyer seeing how it works is the final barrier to a purchase by that individual.

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