A Whale Purchased 5,401,623 MATICs Totaling Almost $5 Million

Cryptocurrency News Canada – Earlier this morning, the well-known cryptocurrency whale monitoring website WhaleStats took to Twitter to offer further information about a specific Ethereum (ETH) whale known as “Dawlin’s” purchasing patterns. The article claims that this whale purchased 5,401,623 Polygon (MATIC) valued at around $5,339,174.

Details of the MATIC whale deal (Source: WhaleStats)

The latest crypto market selloffs and the ensuing decrease in crypto prices presented this whale with the ideal chance to stock up on MATIC. Cryptocurrency News Canada According to WhaleStats, the transfer of 5,401,623 MATIC from the Ethereum wallet BlueWhale4130 to the Ethereum wallet Dwalin occurred at 08:46 UTC. There have been 247 block confirmations altogether.

Tether US/MATIC Network 1D (Referring to TradingView)

One of the numerous cryptocurrency victims suffering as a result of Silverstone Capital’s announcement that it will cease operations is MATIC. According to the cryptocurrency market monitoring service CoinMarketCap, the value of MATIC has decreased by 6.77% in the last day, to about $0.9747. A Whale Purchased 5,401,623 MATICs Totaling Almost $5 Million

A Whale Purchased 5,401,623 MATICs Totaling Almost $5 Million
A Whale Purchased 5,401,623 MATICs Totaling Almost $5 Million

Throughout the same time frame, the alternative currency managed to hit a top of $1.09 and a low of $0.971. MATIC was able to gain strength versus Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) by around 1.46% and 1.83%, respectively, during the previous day. Yet during the past week, the cryptocurrency is still down by more than 17%.

The 24-hour trading volume for MATIC has increased by more than 33% from yesterday and is currently in positive territory at $780,375,863. MATIC is now the ninth-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, with a value of $8,481,964,208.

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