Software Researcher Finds Secret Crypto Wallet in Microsoft Edge Browser

Crypto Wallet in Microsoft Edge Browser – The first appearance of Solana’s Year-To-Date Performance Up By More Than 100% on Coin Edition. Hidden Crypto Wallet Discovered by Software Researcher in Microsoft Edge Browser – What is happening?

With its Edge browser, Microsoft has been covertly developing a built-in non-custodial bitcoin wallet.

Microsoft is experimenting with a built-in non-custodial crypto wallet that can be used for cryptocurrency payments or as a gateway to DeFi and Web3 services, according to pictures provided by software researcher Albacore.

The pictures also show a cryptocurrency wallet’s user interface, Crypto Wallet in Microsoft Edge Browser a decentralized app explorer, a news feed, and the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies via Coinbase and MoonPay.

“Because this wallet is non-custodial, you have total control over your money. Your recovery key and password are private to us. Edge already has it inbuilt, making it simple to use without needing to install any extensions “During the onboarding procedure, Microsoft claims.

The graphics imply that users would be able to use the wallet to search and purchase NFTs on popular markets. The article on NFTs states, “Explore other marketplaces to find your first NFT; as you expand your collection of NFTs, we’ll group them here.

Software Researcher Finds Secret Crypto Wallet in Microsoft Edge Browser
Software Researcher Finds Secret Crypto Wallet in Microsoft Edge Browser

The wallet project has not been formally disclosed by Microsoft.

The testing of a cryptocurrency wallet comes at a time when Microsoft is actively engaged in the cryptocurrency industry. The tech behemoth has a keen interest in the metaverse specifically.

The Industrial Metaverse Core team, a four-month-old initiative by Microsoft to promote the use of the metaverse in industrial settings, has just been canceled. Also, the corporation terminated the employment of around 100 project workers.

As use rises, more browsers now provide cryptocurrency wallets.
The inclusion of a crypto wallet in a web browser is not new, including Microsoft Edge. As popularity increases, a number of other significant web browsers have lately introduced support for built-in cryptocurrency wallets.

Since 2018, Opera has added support for cryptocurrencies, first on mobile devices and then, in 2019, on desktops. The browser has stepped up its efforts in the cryptocurrency space by integrating browser wallet support for many new blockchain networks, including Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), and Ronin (RON).

Similar to this, Brave has had its own built-in cryptocurrency wallet called the Brave Wallet since November 2021. The wallet supports all Ethereum Layer 2 chains and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compliant blockchains.

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The browser reported having 50 million monthly active users in January of last year, with more than 8 million of those users actively earning incentives in the form of BAT tokens.

Given that the browser only debuted in 2017, this places Brave well behind Opera in terms of total popularity; nonetheless, user growth has unquestionably been significant in recent years.

To utilize Web3 apps, users of other browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, and Google Chrome can install third-party cryptocurrency wallets like Metamask.

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